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    Portal San Miguel is located at:

    Calle Correo #24, Planta Alta

    (is a list of e-mails you can use to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.



    Klaudia Oliver – Director

    In San Miguel de Allende, dial 152-7050
    From outside of Mexico, dial: 011 (52) (415) 152-7050

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    13 Responses to “Contact US”

    Frances McIntyre Says:

    I am interestedin renting my apartment from April 7th until August 7th, are you still doing short time rentals. I haven’t placed an ad with you for a couple of years, but placed may in the past.


    Michelle Green Says:

    I would like to send a person a weekly paper for a gift. Needs to be in Spanish. Needs to be mailed to the U.S.A Please send me information on your rates.

    darla Says:

    Dr, Gil gave us a homeopathic remedy of influenza to take to ward off this flu/you can get this at his farmacia across from the instituto take 3 globals 3 times a day,, special instructions for taking homeopathy is shake bottle, open, place 3 cho cho in the cap( do not touch) toss under the tong. no coffee or camfer, do not brush teeth for 1 hour after… also a mixture of 5 oils to use as aroma therapy, every time you leave the house will bring up the immune system. 3 parts of lemon,clove, cinnamon,1 part of eucalyptus,and rosemary.this can be used for gargle with the 1/3parts of the eucalyptus and rosemary which is poison on higher doses….

    Mike Says:

    I am currently teaching middle/high school English in Playa del Carmen, and am looking to move to SMA. Just wondering if there are any private schools that would be interested in hiring me. I have my Bachelors of English Literature/Writing and my Masters in Teaching. I havent been able to find any schools on the web yet, so your help would be greatly appreciated. Please send contact info. to my email address at: m_blasiak@hotmail.com or the address/webpage of schools in SMA. Thanks!

    Susan P. Baker Says:

    I’m looking for an acupuncturist in San Miguel.

    Oleg Fedoroff Says:

    This is for friend Peter Mudge: I hope you are well at the age of 84(!) and still enjoying SMA. I am not yet retired but getting close. Your invitation I hope still stands. I wish I had either a snail- or e-mail address for you.

    Marie-Claude Blais Says:

    Hi thee,

    Would love to take spanish dance lessons in San Miguel for a couple of weeks this summer …any ideas???

    Elaine Pathmann Says:

    I am trying to remember the name of a shop with a big inventory of silver (pewter) items on Calle Reloj–we shopped there on each trip to SMA and I would like to contact them. It is 3 or 4 blocks away from the Jardin on the right side of the street. Can anyone possible give me the name of this store? I would be most grateful!

    Mattie Says:

    I am looking to visit San Miguel around July 5th and would like to stay until August 5th. My 2 daughters may join me for only 2 weeks. Any rentals around that time.

    thank you,

    Edmee Aguirre Says:

    Hola! deseo saber cómo puedo obtener 2 ó 3 ejemplares de Inside/Dentro & San Miguel, Año 18 no. 70 de Otoño 2010: Las 2 Fridas / The two Fridas.
    Son mis sobrinas las modelos de la portada y me gustaría mucho conservar dichas fotos.
    Quedo en espera de su respuesta. Muchas gracias.

    mary breneman Says:

    does anyone know about a bus from dallas to san miguel de allende…how to get in touch and how much….thanks

    merle hohman Says:

    Would like to come to SMA Jan. or Feb.2012.Usually fly into Leon.What is current status re safety from Leon as well as in SMA? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, MERLE

    Sarah Villarreal Says:

    this is a horribly designed website, the photo gallery is terrible, please update!!!

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