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    Hospicio 35, Centro
    Tel: (415) 152 7040

    A memorable dining experience in this award-winning restaurant. The food celebrates Mexican tradition with a modern flair.

    Boca Bento
    At Los Senderos
    Tel: 415 155 9594
    Website: bocabento.com

    Cafe Crayola
    Calzada de la Aaurora no. 48

    Omelettes, breakfast burritos, french toast, fruit and granola. Indoor and outdoor seating, wireless connection, comfy vibe.

    Casa Payo
    Zacateros 26
    Tel: (415) 152-7277

    An Argentinean tradition of generously served charcoal broiled steaks. The BBQ ribs, parrillada, empanadas and chicken Caesar are excellent. The stepped open patio is spectacular.

    Correo no. 29
    Correo no. 29
    Tel: 152 2327
    Website: cumpanio.com

    El Gozo
    Zacateros 85
    Tel: (415) 152 5829

    Great selection of wings, light snacks, baby back ribs featuring an ample selection of beers with a hip vibe. Live sports.

    La Crepe
    Hospicio 37 Int.
    Tel: 154 9435
    Email: lacreperestaurante@yahoo.com
    Website: letseat.at/lacrepesanmiguel

    Vive la difference! This restaurant offers a new culinary experience, so sample the flavor of its original crepes.

    La Fonda Rosa
    Tel: 044 415 119 2195
    Email: info@lafondarosa.com
    Website: lafondarosa.com

    Also provides delivery service of your favorite fresh, homemade meals right to your front door.

    Las Glorias del Huerto
    Camino a Montesillo de la Milpa
    Tel: 415 111 8198
    Email: lasgloriasdelhuerto@gmail.com

    Organic, hand grown, delivered or pick-your-own organicos.

    Longhorn Cafe
    Salida a Celaya No. 6
    Tel: 152 8983

    Texas smokehouse, bbq ribs, beef, chicken, generous portions, lively bar, and organic produce. Yummy Key LIme pie!

    Mama Mia
    Umarán 8
    Tel: (415) 152-3679
    Email: joselunauribe@mac.com
    Website: mamamia.com.mx

    Word has it among Sanmiguelians that if you have not been to Mama Mia you don't know San Miguel.

    Mi Vida
    Hernández Macías No. 97
    Tel: (415) 152 7482
    Email: info@mividarestaurante.com
    Website: mividarestaurante.com

    Panaderia CasaNova
    Margarito Ledesma No. 6 -A

    Email: pan@pandecasanova.com
    Website: pandecasanova.com

    Pan Artesanal, Sourdough, multigrano, integral, centeno (rye), bagels, pizzas, challahs, baguettes, croissants, pasteles, galletas, granola, brownies, pies, quiche y gluten-free

    San Agustin
    San Francisco 21
    Tel: (415) 154-9102

    This was the first churrer?a in the area, and the menu has now expanded to include a full menu of nutritious and diverse breakfasts, authentic Mexican cuisine and International specialties.

    The Restaurant
    Sollano 16
    Tel: (415) 154 7877
    Website: therestaurantsanmiguel.com

    Located just steps away from the main square of San Miguel de Allende in one of San Miguel?s most elegantly colonial settings at Sollano 16, The Restaurant features Chef Donnie Masterton?s world class cuisine

    Tio Lucas
    Mesones 103
    Tel: (415) 152-4996

    There’s something about Tío Lucas that makes a night there feel like the epitome of a great vacation.

    Vivoli Café
    Hernández Macías No. 66
    Tel: (415) 152 0045
    Website: www.vivolicafe.com/locations/sanmigueldeallende.html

    Vivoli Cafe invites you to join us over the weekends for live music from 8:30-close. On Thursdays and Saturdays.
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    9 Responses to “Food & Drink”

    Takayuki Yoshida Says:

    We want to advertise in the food section! What do we need to do?

    Un beso for Claudia,

    Ashley and Takayuki

    Ron Frederick Says:

    Can you help me find a restaurant operated by Daniale & Esther Ramiriz. I think they serve Argentinian & Italian food. Thanks for lthe help.

    Robin Says:

    Yes, it is La Grotta.

    debbie Says:

    What is the name of the coffee shop where the guy burns cds? Also, what’s the name of the nice but casual restaurant that has great salads it is near the Institute?

    christa griffith Says:

    Juans is to the side of the Biblioteca and across the street…Hecho en Mexico is by the Instituto and has great salads

    christa Says:

    who delivers food in SMA?!

    Angie Says:

    Does anyone knows where can I find the best peanut butter in town? I really need the most natural one.

    Barbi O'Hanna- Embody Says:

    My 83 yr old mother lives there, and I am enquiting about a meal delivery service.

    Do you know of any restaurants that deliver healthy, nutritious meals?

    Thank you

    Jessy Says:

    I need you help me please to find a place to have a dinner or a meal that is not expensive. Im visiting San Miguel next Octuber the 9th With my mother and brothers, But im the oldest and they are studying the high school because of that they have not much money and I have to pay all the food.
    I.m thinking to spend five dollars in each one 3 times a day.

    Thank you

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