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    Are you looking for gym, doctor, or other beauty and health services? Be sure to check out our Health and Beauty Directory for San Miguel de Allende, with complete listings of options in San Miguel in all categories and price ranges.
    A curandero’s broom standing upside down in the corner of an ancient stone house, fresh chamomile flowers on the floor sending up an intoxicating aroma. A painter at work on a dazzlingly colorful canvas, a vision she had in a dream the night before. A wildly gyrating group of dancers ranging from teens to people in their seventies, passionately expressing themselves in movement – dance as a personal sacred ritual.
    Welcome to the Mexico of spiritual healing, inner exploration, and mystical seeking – a place of wonder amid the already exotic delights of a vibrant, centuries-old culture steeped in spirituality.
    San Miguel de Allende, long known for its splendid terrain and its gems of Spanish Colonial architecture, is also becoming a destination for travelers attracted to personal transformation and spiritual growth. The heart of much of that activity in San Miguel is LifePath Center, a place of learning, healing, and retreat housed in a lush, lovely villa near the Jardin, the center of town.
    by  Joseph Dispenza, LifePath Co-founder

    Joseph Dispenza
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    Office/Residence in Mexico: [415].155.8086

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    3 Responses to “Health & Beauty”

    dani Says:

    I too am interested in yoga studios.

    Carol Immel Says:

    Belles Artes is great for yoga. Either 25 or 35 pesos per class.

    Lea Says:

    How about afternoon or evening yoga or pilates classes? I can only find one that is on Tuesday night.

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