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    Tel: (415) 154 557
    Email: sanmiguelacupunture@gmail.com

    Chinese Medicine to restore vitality,improve immunity, relieve stress, anxiety and ease bodily aches & pains.

    Centro Shakti Yoga
    Potranca 6
    Potranca 6
    Tel: Cel. 415 113 7061
    Website: yogasanmiguel.com.mx

    Yoga with Tanya, monday, wednesday and friday 9:15 am and monday , wednesday 7 pm Power Yoga , tuesday and thusday 9:15 am.

    Laja Spa de Casa de Sierra Nevada
    Hospicio 13
    Tel: (415) 154 4338
    Email: lajaspa@casasn.com
    Website: casasn.com

    With the energizing gifts from water, Laja Spa brings comfort and healing to all of its visitors.

    Lisa Attridge
    Tel: 044 415 1096972
    Email: lisa1love@hotmail.com
    Website: lahealthsma.com

    Since the age of 7, Lisa Attrige knew she wanted to dedicate her life to fitness and well-being. The London native now brings her 16 years of Personal Training expertise to San Miguel de Allende.

    Studio Pilates
    Tel: (415) 152-4169
    Email: pilatesmex@hotmail.com

    Intelligent exercise. Profound results. The exercise that everyone's been talking about is here in San Miguel!.
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    10 Responses to “Health & Beauty”

    Lisa Says:

    I am looking for a cosmetic surgeon and had heard about a program in SMA that combined surgery & recovery in a nearby hotel?
    Do you that information.
    Thank you,

    Marsha Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I have numerous friends in San Miguel who have made their face lift arrange-ments through http://www.faceliftmeup.com.

    This plastic surgeon has been providing his services to American women for 20 years. He appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

    Check it out!

    Marianne Says:


    I’m not sure about plastic surgeons, but a group of doctors back in the US recommended an extremely good and reliable general surgeon to me in Mexico.
    Maybe they can help you. http://www.consultaspecialist.com

    Good luck!


    Dwight Says:

    I had my face lift done last August through Dr. Barrera. He is an incredibly gifted surgeon. I would not hesitate to recommend him. I received excellent care and now I look 10 years younger.

    Dallas, TX

    Melita Link Says:


    I am looking for recommendations for a cosmetic dentist in San Miguel.

    Thank you,

    Carlos Says:

    Is there a medical school near san miguel? Or whats the closest university with a medical program?

    isabel Says:

    I am looking for a nice community that caters to mutural adults. my 65 year old mother would like to live in the area and wants us to purchase or lease a home. can i get a recommendation

    Andrea Says:

    Does anyone know if there are (preferrably bilingual) birthing services in SMA? A friend is having her baby here in a few months.

    Gaby Says:

    Hi I’m looking for pilates class o yoga class after six, do you know someone?

    Carol Lopes Says:

    Hi — my friend just twisted her ankle here in San Miguel — there used to be an orthopedics clinic i think on Mesones, that used ultra sound, and was inexpensive. Is that still around?

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