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    Good Vibes: Fitness expert Janis McDonald introduces the Power Plate

    “If only exercise were easier to do, simple to begin, take less time, be safe and give me all the benefits that I need in 2 to 3 short workouts a week, I would start today.”

    During my career I have heard these words so often. In my gym, I have seen results in weight loss, cellulite reduction, balance and posture improvement, bone density, strength and flexibility gains using a new form of working out called Power Plate Acceleration Training. After one year of researching the technology behind vibrational training, I became convinced that it was not just a fad, instead it was a valid and effective mode of exercising.

    In my experience, even people who don’t like to exercise, have success when starting out on the Power Plate. The plate moves in 3 directions effecting what gravity does to you. It can magnify the effects of gravity up to 7 times. The vibration and shifting of direction actually makes your body use more muscle to stabilize the body. Workouts are recommended 2 to 3 times a week for no longer than 30 minutes.

    The Power Plate combined with a healthy eating program may be just the place for you to start. Nice and Easy!

    Contact Janis at Janis@bodybyjanis.com

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    3 Responses to “Fitness”

    bonnie loeb Says:

    Do you know of any spinning classes offered in San Miguel, and the days and time?

    thank you.
    Bonnie Loeb

    Lori Birckhead Says:

    Any Zumba classes being offered? I’ll be in San Miguel April 17-25.

    Karen Perkins Says:

    Is there a lap pool anywhere?

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