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    Buses for San Miguel de Allende

    San Miguel de Allende has a modern new Central de Autobuses (Bus Station) on Calle Canal, about a half a mile from the center of town. Any local bus marked “Central” heading west on Canal will make a stop at the bus station.

    Luxury/First class buses are modern, comfortable and extremely clean. They usually will play you a Hollywood film, which will more than likely be dubbed. Always be alert and attentive to your luggage and never leave it unattended. Second Class buses are also very clean, but usually lack a bathroom and video monitors. Plus, some second class buses are notoriously long rides as they stop and pick up passengers anywhere in the countryside.

    ETN – Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (Deluxe Luxury)
    Mexico City, Querétaro 01(800) 8000-386 or 152-6407
    Primera Plus (First Class)
    Mexico City, Querétaro, Guanajuato, León, Guadalajara 01 (800) 3757587 or 152-7323
    Primera Plus (Second Class – No Bathroom)
    Guanajuato, León, Guadalajara 152-7323
    Flecha Amarilla (Second Class – No Bathroom)
    Mexico City, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, Celaya 152-0084 or 152 7323
    Autovias (First Class)
    Mexico City, Querétaro 152-0725
    Herradura de Plata – HP (Second Class – No Bathroom)
    Mexico City, Querétaro, Dolores Hidalgo 152-0725
    Omnibus de Mexico – OdeM (First Class)
    Guanajuato 152-3218
    Autobuses Estrella Blanca – TN (First Class)
    Monterrrey, Laredo, Texas 152-2237 or 154 8233
    Laredo, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Austin 152-2237 or 154 8233
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    8 Responses to “Buses”

    Maggie Thomson Says:

    I’m new in town and need to go to a Home Depot (in search of a Shop Vac) either in Celaya or Querétaro. Which store is bigger? and do the buses stop nearby so I don’t get lost?
    Would very much appreciate your guidance!
    Thanks & regards,

    Gary Condray Says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My wife and I are traveling to Mexico on March 22, 2010. We are scheduled to arrive at 3:00 PM at Mexico City Airport. Our final destination is San Miguel de Allende. We want to take the ETN – Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (Deluxe Luxury) bus to San Miguel. This is our first trip to San Miguel de Allende. Where do we go to get the bus and can we make reservations now? Do you have a time schedule that we can view? What is the one-way charge from Mexico City to San Miguel?

    Thank for your response.
    Gary & Lygia

    Barbara Says:

    Hi Gary and Lygia,

    Just an FYI – We arrived in Mexico City February 28 and spent the night and then took the bus from the Estacion del Norte to San Miguel on March 1. The bus is spacious, immaculate, and they even give you water and a sandwich for $25.oo. The trip takes 4 hours. SMA is terrific – but bring good walking shoes. It’s cool in the morning but sunny and warm (with no humidity) in the afternoon. Lovely people, great shops, not bad food, and all together lovely. We’re renting a house here and we love it. Hope you have a great vacation.

    gary Says:

    Can anyone tell me the price and schedule of buses from Laredo to San Miguel?

    We want a nice bus of course.

    John Catherine Says:

    great experience from Atlanta GA on Greyhound to San Antonio (the “lower end class” of trip)on Greyhound; Transfer to Americanos Bus Line…lots of room nice and safe. We used http://www.autobusesamericanos.us/EN/Home.shtml
    to SMdA…2 great buslines that I currently travel within Mexico are: http://www.etn.com.mx/english/

    FYI great Mexico Bus site: http://www.differentworld.com/mexico/buses.htm

    Let me know if any other questions- jc

    Julia Willecke Says:

    How did your trip go Gary. We are doing the same thing, ie fly to mx city then bus to SMA. Where did you stay in Mx city. Was it expensive? thanks

    Cristina Says:


    We flew into Leon,Guanjuato,Mexico from Dallas ( 2 hour flight) then we called Casa de Luna (our hotel in SMA) scheduled a town car to pick us up. The gentlemen waited for us at the Guanajato Airport and it took 1 hr. 20mins drive to San miguel. It’s a cute, magical little town with cobblestone streets. The food is delicious and the weather is great. We are now trying to find something to do ,.. wish there was a beach around here. ;) p.s. i highly recommend this hotel,.. http://www.casaluna.com/

    Stinne Says:

    We are comming back to san miguel de allende to visi our danish/ mexican family. We want to go on to Veracruz… is there any way we can go ther by bus?

    Best regards

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