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    San Miguel Information:
    Phone Numbers and contact info

    How to Dial
    From the US. Dial 011-52-415 then dial the complete number. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from the US, dial: 011-52-415-152-2347.
    From San Miguel. Omit the number in parentheses and dial the rest. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from San Miguel, dial 152-2347.
    From elsewhere in Mexico. Dial 01 then dial the complete number, including the number in parentheses. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from Mexico City, dial 01-415-152-2357.
    To call a San Miguel Cell Phone from San Miguel. Most Cell phones have a special area code, for example 044. Dial 044, then the complete cell number, including the initial number.
    To call a San Miguel Cell Phone from the US. Omit the special area code and dial 011-52-55, then the complete cell number.
    To call the US or Canada from San Miguel. Dial 001, then the number, including US area code.

    Cell Phones
    Some US cell phones will work in some parts of Mexico. Check with your provider. You can buy a local phone at one of the USACell offices and get a phone card for it that allows you to prepay for your phone calls. To get cell phone service where you are billed, unless you have an FM-3 visa, forget it. 
    Phone Cards
    To use a pay phone, buy a telephone card, tarjeta telefónica, at any shop displaying a blue and yellow sign that says “De Venta Aquí Ladatel”. Insert the card in the slot you’ll see on the front of any pay phone and follow the instructions. Phone Numbers in

    911 Emergency Services 152-0911
    Use this number to reach all agencies listed below. English frequently spoken. Or hail any radio-equipped police patrol(on foot, horse or vehicle), or city or utility company vehicle, or taxi.
    Protectiva (Protective) 152-0022
    Transito (Traffic) 152-0538 or 154-8420
    Judicial 152-2018
    State (Highway Patrol) 152-0164
    Central de Bomberos 152-2888, 152-3238, or 152-3699
    Red Cross, Libramiento 152-4121, 152-4225, 152-1616
    Hospital de la Fé 152-2545, 152-2233
    Hospital Civíl                                                                   120 4799
    Seguro Social Hospital, Salida a Dolores 152-0699 or 152-0278
    Centro Médico Potosí 01 (444) 813-3797 or 813-6363
    Informatión Turística/Tourist Information (English Spoken)
    Guanajuato Secretaría de Turismo Jardín 152-0900
    United States of America Embassy
    Regional Consular Agency 9am – 1pm, H. Macías 72, Int. 111 and 112 152-2357, 152-1588, or consuladosma@unisono.net.mx
    After Hours Emergencies Only Consular Agent EDWARD CLANCY
    Tel: 0444151139574
    US Embassy in Mexico City, Reforma 305 01 (55) 5080-2000
    Canada Embassy
    Warden for Guanajuato 152-1017 or (415) 149-9698
    Canada Embassy in Mexico City 01 (800) 706-2900
    City Hall of San Miguel de Allende
    Boulevard de La Conspiración 130, Sal. a Quéretaro 152-0001
    Mexican Immigration Services
    Instituto Nacional de Migracíon (INM) 152-2542 or 152-6939
    Post Office
    Servicio Postal Mexicano, Correo 16 152-0089
    Dept. of Ecología
    For noise, fallen trees, garbage problems, and street dogs 152-2544, After-hours: 152-0911
    Electric, Loreto 13 150- 7400
    Electrical Emergencies 152-7393
    Gas, Emergencies 152-0228
    Phone – Telmex, Salida a Celaya No. 56 152-2331
    Phone – Repair 152-2050
    Phone – Directory Services 152-2040
    Water, SAPASMA, Boulevard de la Conspiracion No. 130 152-9600
    Cable TV – Cablevisión 152-1942, 152-3442, or 152-1145
    Street Lights – Depto de Alumbrado 154-7200
    To Mexico City International Airport 01 (442) 211-4001
    Radio Taxi 152-4501 or 152-0380
    Sitio Allende 152-0192
    Sitio Central de Autobuses 152-2635
    Taxi Express 152-4475
    Tel-Taxi 152-3134
    Credit Cards
    American Express 01 (800) 504-0400
    Mastercard 01 (800) 307-7309
    Visa 01 (800) 847-2911
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    carol Immel Says:

    Do you have a phone number for the Andre Pascal hair salon in San Miguel?
    Thank you,

    Don Anthony Says:


    Calling a San Miguel cell phone from the US requires and extra “1″ added in front of the 415 that is not required when calling a San Miguel land line from the US.

    Example: SMdA cell phone number:

    Call MX cell from US:

    Example SMdA land line number:

    Call MX land line from US:

    (Only took me 2 hours to figure this out)

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