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    Visa Information

    For complete information on obtaining Visas while in Mexico, contact:
    The American Embassy
    Sección de Visas de No Inmigrante
    Reforma 305 Mexico, D.F. 06500 
    01 (4) 788-7070

    What Visa do you need to visit San Miguel? 

    Tourist Visa - less than 6 months
    If you are visiting Mexico and staying for less than 6 months, you will need a Tourist visa, or FMT. If you are already in the country and were issued a visa for a shorter period, you can request an extension of the term. You cannot work in Mexico with an FMT visa. 


    Where do you get an FMT? 
    You can get one at any Mexican Consulate, travel agency, at the border or the airport, depending on your nationality. It is advised to contact a Mexican Consulate for more information.

    How do you extend the term of your FMT?
    You can request an extension of the visa’s term at the Immigration office at Calz. de la Estación (at the glass factory), Tel. 152-2542, 152-6939. It is recommended that you request this extension at least 15 days prior to its expiration.

    To extend your visa you should have with you: 
    -Your passport and a photocopy 
    -The original FMT 
    -A letter requesting the extension of term. Keep in mind that upon returning to your country of origin, you must return your FMT visa, so keep it in a safe place. Also, there restrictions for citizens of certain countries, so check with a local Mexican Consulate before making travel plans.

    More than 6 months – FM2 or FM3 
    There are two options for a longer stay in Mexico, FM2 and FM3. Consider what you are going to be doing and how long you want to stay in Mexico before applying for one of these visas.

    If you are planning to retire in Mexico, you can apply for either visa, but must prove to authorities that you will be living on income from another country, or from Mexican-based investments. Both visas must be renewed annually, which can be done at the local Immigration office at Calz. de la Estación (at the glass factory), Tel. 152-2542, 152-6939. Although some Consulates process visa requests in a few days, you should be prepared to wait up to 30 days for your visa. Both visas allow family members to also apply for the appropriate visas.


    With an FM2 visa you are considered an immigrant not a permanent resident. However, with this visa you are eligible to become a permanent resident. There are restrictions on how often and how long you can leave the country, so contact your local immigration office for details at Calz. de la Estación (at the glass factory), Tel. 152-2542, 152-6939.

    With an FM3 visa you are allowed to stay in the country as a non-immigrant. You can leave the country as much as you please and you are eligible to work in Mexico.

    Mail & Shipping Services

    La Conexin. Your all-around communications, packing and shipping center.
    Mailboxes Etc. For people who have special packing needs, Mail Boxes Etc. are specialists in all sorts of items, no matter how big or delicate they might be.

    Scott Patton. Live in San Miguel and enjoy all the insurance coverage to which you’re accustomed. Scott Patton, a licensed insurance agent, sells all types of insurance including Worldwide Major Medical, and auto. (get quote for different age groups)

    Most apartments come equipped with a phone, but not all. Ordering a phone line can be a hassle and take 2-6 months. Basic phone service costs between $180 and $200 pesos per month not including long
    distance calls. Cell phones are becoming more popular, and easier to buy or rent. Contact solutions for more information on renting cell phones. They can be reached at Recreo 11. Tel. (4) 15-2-64-09 and

    15-2-61-52, or e-mail sanmiguelsolutions@yahoo.com.

    Internet Connection
    Unisono Net Offers local dial up, fast connection, web hosting Unisono can get you connected for one month or one year.

    Exchange rate
    The current exchange rate is around 10.5, but you can check the exact rate online at X-rates.

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