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    Interesting places in Mexico…

    Aguascalientes, a state overflowing with natural beauty and, as its name implies, a wealth of thermal baths, Aguascalientes is one of Mexico’s true gems
    - San Marcos Fair (April). Thousands of people descend upon the city of Aguascalientes for three weeks of traditional Mexican fun and fiesta.
    Baja California NorteBaja California Norte is a unique place known primarily as the border state that connects Mexico with Southern California.
    Ensenada, a beauty port town.
    Rosarito, a paceful beach.
    San Felipe, a charming place.
    Tijuana, the most visited town in Mexico.
    Baja California Sur, a place whose name is legendary for earthly paradise, Baja California Sur is a magical place with a diversity of landscape and wealth of regional color that distinguishes it.
    La Garganta, a red slope where you can enjoy the sunsets.
    Guerrero Negro coast, perfect for whale watching.
    Sierra of Baja, beautiful desert landscapes.
    Chiapas is a state with a rich cultural heritage, an indigenous past and present, and a true enchantment that is the result of its people maintaining their past while making way for the future.
    Palenque, perhaps the most mystifying ruins in Mexico.
    San Cristobal de las Casas, a city overflowing with a lively people, colorful arts and crafts, in an ambience unlike any other.
    Cuernavaca. A favorite getaway for many a city dweller, Cuernavaca, the city of eternal spring, is well-known for its flowers that seem to bloom and grow spontaneously year round, creating a beautiful backdrop for this historic place.
    GuanajuatoOne of the more unique cities in Mexico, Guanajuato is thought by many to be enchanted. With its labyrinth-like streets and tunnels, it’s indeed a place where any visitor can lose themselves among the tiny streets, alleys and hidden away plazas. It’s a lovely colonial city that’s been designed around its landscape, alongside a narrow ravine and nestled within the sloping hills that surround it.
    MazatlánIf you are looking for the winning combination of first-rate water sports, white sandy beaches, and affordable comfort of a laid-back seaside city, Mazatlán may be just right for you.
    Water Sports
    Ocean Museum and Botanical Garden.
    Archeological Musuem.
    Cultural treasures, sensational shopping, and fresh tasty seafood. 
    Its surf has been compared to that of Southern California.
    Mexico City. Like most cities, Mexico City is a bustling metropolis full of an energy and life all its own. Full of urban livelihood, rich culture, fine dining and great shopping, is a remarkable city that everyone should visit at least once. And during this month of March, when most residents flee the city for their Semana Santa vacations, it’s a great time to visit.

    Morelia. Morelia, the capital of Michoacán, is a beautiful, well preserved Colonial city of about 550,000 people. Officially founded in 1541, it was one of the first Spanish cities in Nueva España.
    Oaxaca. A state renown for the beauty of its arts and crafts, Oaxaca is a place of inherent natural beauty and diversity.
    Boast one of the largest indigenous Indian populations in Mexico.
    The Oaxacan region is an area unlike any other, evident in its timeless traditions, ancient flavor, and hospitable atmosphere.
    The capital city of Oaxaca is characterized by its fine pre-Hispanic architecture, beautiful public spaces of courtyards and plazas, good food, and a passionate and lively people.
    Puebla. A city nestled in a valley at some 7000 feet above sea level, Puebla is indeed one-of-a-kind.
    The largest colonial center of any city in Mexico .
    Also known as the cradle of Mexican cuisine.
    Puebla’s ambience harkens back to long forgotten centuries with its elaborate architectural emphasis on the use of tiles, gold leafing and molded plaster flourishes.
    Puerto Vallarta. Located on the coast of Jalisco among lush, jungle-covered mountains and golden beaches, Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most visited resorts, second only to Cancún. 
    An extremely versatile city, small town and sophisticated cosmopolitan city.
    Hotels, shops, restaurants, galleries and nightlife.
    Natural beauty .
    Mountain biking, whale watching, ocean kayaking and scuba diving.
    Queretaro. In the heart of Mexico just under an hour from San Miguel de Allende lies Querétaro, a treasure chest that beckons discovery and amazement.
    Friendly ambience, beautiful architecture and cosmopolitan feel.
    Its historical center is one of the most beautiful colonial places in the world.
    Golf, tennis, horseback riding, or swimming, all in a pleasant climate.
    Tequisquiapan, a quaint, little city that will teach all visitors what is the true meaning of relaxation.
    Rivera Maya. Located in the state of Quintana Roo, here you will not only encounter almost pristine beaches in a familiar ambience, but also ancient ruins, jungles, pyramids, nature reserves, coral reefs and cenotes, or sinkholes, the newest trend in diving.
    A perfect place to find history, relaxation and adventure.
    Taxco. Nestled in the hills of Guerrero lies the picturesque city of Taxco, a colonial city whose name has almost become synonymous with silver.
    Cobblestone streets, gorgeous landscape, and a great view from virtually any spot in the city.
    Abundance of silver shops.
    Rich history and overwhelming natural beauty.
    Tlaxcala. While the smallest state in Mexico in terms of territory, Tlaxcala is abundant in cultural heritage, historic importance, and colonial ambience.
    A great number of attractions in a clean, friendly environment.
    Sparkling streets and monuments.
    Cacaxtla, a world famous archeological site for its murals that date back to 600 A.D. 
    Veracruz. True to its nature, Veracruz is a city that indeed evokes the feel of an old tropical port. 
    History, archaeology, natural beauty and culture.
    Veracruz is especially abuzz during its season of Carnival (february), when many tourists and Mexican nationals flock to the city to join the fiesta. 
    ZihuatanejoLocated on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico, Zihuatanejo, is the quintessential beach village where fishing is both pastime and industry, people are friendly, and rustic is undeniably charming. 
    Great restaurants serving fresh seafood, a wealth of marine life, and plenty of outoor activities.
    Outstanding beaches.
    A paradise as it has always existed in its natural condition.  

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    Stefani Says:

    what is the location of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico?

    jim Says:

    what city would you fly in to visit San miguel and how many miles are you from the two different gulf coasts?

    Mary Buffington Says:

    My husband and I have been traveling to Mexico for many years on a tourist visa FMT. However, this last time we came to the border (where?) the official there did not want to take our tourist visas (FMT’S)from us. I’m trying to find out what the fine is so I can resolve this issue so I will not be charged a large fine when trying to return this year. What is the Process if you have an expired FMT and how do you return it?

    Maria Mendez Says:

    My husband is from San Miguel de Allende the first time he took me there I loved it. It is so beautiful! Gardens everywhere. I love their climate, it’s not cold or hot. Just perfect weather all year round.

    Bob Libby Says:

    We live in S. Florida. What is the least expensive way to get to San Miguel. The airfares are quite high from Miami to BJX. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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