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    9 Responses to “For Sale”

    Oralia Fisher Says:


    I’m looking for a finished property to buy in San Miguel (no near) also Inexpensive, some of the house prices and some of the houses on the real state web-sites are laughfable, given the economy and the fact that some of those properties have been on the market for years.

    Thank you.

    Patrizia Says:

    Hello Oralia Fisher!

    I`m Patrizia.

    I understand than some houses in san miguel are very expensive but, I would like know how much you want spend, how many bedrooms,bathrooms, etc. and your phone too, because i want help you to find a house

    thank you.


    Joaquin Valdez Says:

    My name is Joaquin Valdez, and I’m, selling a very very beautifull hause in San Miguel de Allende.
    so if are interested, say me.

    Chris Stone Says:

    I have a beautiful “green built ” home in San Miguel. The asking price is $169,000 (flexible)

    Ix Baatz Says:

    Could you tell me what part of town your home is in?

    francisco Says:

    hi i’m from san miguel allenden .and meaybe we can found some cheap lot,acree and house but most of the houses they are expensive because to many american citizen they buy houses near to down town .

    Roberta Ginsburg Says:

    I am in the market for a home in SMA. Please send me your best price and photos of the “green build? home.

    Thank you.

    gaetano vinci Says:

    do you sill have this home to be sold in san Miguel? please et me know and if possible to get any picture

    jaane brack Says:

    checking out small house/apt. furnished near town-reasonable price

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