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    7th Heaven
    Pila Seca 1
    Tel: (415) 154-4677
    Email: sevheav@gmail.com
    Website: sevheav.com

    A unique selection of one-of-a-kind gifts can be found in this treasured SMA boutique. You’ll find a great collection of jewelry, sombreros, as well as the erotic gift section.

    Zacateros 24 near Pila Seca
    Tel: (415) 154 8580
    Website: sanmigueldesigns.com

    Abrazos features the perfect gifts from México: handmade aprons, handbags, kimonos, shirts in Día de Muertos, Frida, Guadalupe & other Mexican icons.

    Ave María
    Relox 26-A
    Tel: (415) 150 6003
    Email: avemaria_sma@yahoo.com.mx

    Chocolates Johfrej
    Jesus 2-A
    Tel: (415) 152 3191
    Website: johfrej.com

    Since 1920, Johfrej have been in the business of producing artesanal hand-made chocolates for the most discerning of palates.

    Havana Cigar Co.
    Hernandez Macias 92, Centro
    Recreo no. 4
    Tel: (415) 152-2991
    Email: havanacigarssma@yahoo.de

    Find the finest selection of Havanas, as well Mexican, Dominincan and Central American cigars

    Aldama 30
    Tel: 152 8355
    Website: inshalaimports.com

    Fine Imported Treasures for the Home from Morocco, Turkey and the Middle East: antiques, architecture, furniture, lighting, ceramics, textiles, cushions and fine tribal carpets.

    Pila Seca 16a
    Tel: 152 7343
    Email: mixtasmda@gmail.com
    Website: mixtasanmiguel.com

    A unique shopping experience in San Miguel, bringing a funky twist to its hand picked selection. The result is an eclectic blend of jewelry, clothes, and decorative items.

    Camino a Alcocer Km 2.2
    Tel: (415) 154-8080
    Fax:    (415) 154-8343
    Email: info@namuhmex.com
    Website: www.namuhmex.com

    Specializing in fine furniture and decor, Namuh offers the most extensive selection of Asian imports in the country. Choose from a treasure trove of antiques.

    Nuevo Mexico
    Aparicio 1
    Tel: (415) 152-4510
    Fax:    (415) 152-4510
    Email: newmexicoconchobelts@yahoo.com
    Website: nuevo-mexico.com

    For a unique variety of Navajo style handcrafts, you are invited to visit Nuevo Mexico. All of their earrings, brooches and Concho belts are decorated entirely by hand, replicating traditional methods and designs of the Navajo Indian.

    TERRA En El Centro / TERRA jardines
    Hospicio 37 Int.
    Tel: (415) 152-7754
    Fax:    (415) 154 9435
    Email: terra1@slfonsoalarcon.com
    Website: terracasayjardin.com

    In their new location this house and garden store offers a great selection of furniture and architectural and decorative objects.
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    12 Responses to “Shopping”

    Caroline Butler Says:

    Where can I find solid color oilcloth fabric suitable for tablecloths in San Miguel?

    Gramily Says:

    “el gitano” at the app. intersection of insurgentes and mesones, great assortment and low prices.

    Karen Gershman Says:

    Where can I find bedspreads (colchas de cama) traditional style in San Miguel?

    Kari C. Elliott Says:

    Can I order via online on Abrazos store and how many days will it be deliver? I really love the handmade aprons, I’d wanted to send a gift to my elder sister, I heard that she loved the aprons there.

    Kimberly L. Gray Says:

    Gardening spices up my life, I had a great vacation in Mexico together with my hubby and found out something sweet that my husband surprised me. He took me to the place I’ve never been before, since he knew that I really love garden/ gardening, he treat me like a princess in a garden that I never thought its exist, I thought its a paradise. A well designed garden, real and with passion. I feel loved and in love on the scenic garden.

    David Oliver Says:

    Sollano16 is a San Miguel’s newest restaurant. Seating is in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by Moorish arches and covered by a retractable glass roof. Me and my husband are both impressed by their services and ambiance that the customer wanted, I really have a peace of mind staying there despite of the short hours that we’ve spent.

    brooke gordon Says:

    I am looking for a wood worker to do a large but simple sculptor for me in Akumal, can anyone direct me?

    Evelyn Says:

    What I want in Abrazos is the handmaid apron and other bags that looks so good compared to other bags that are displayed to malls/ stalls.

    Fran Diamond Says:

    I am looking for the original San Miguel De Allende shoe, I purchased several pair and I would like to purchase more…

    Fran Diamond Says:

    It was a very small store with a very elderly lady owner, they had every color you would ever want, I think the name of the store is San Miguel De Allende shoes…

    Elizabeth Says:

    Where can I find?
    1) paper maché animal shakers on a stick?
    2) 5″ or 6″ square Guatamalan or Mexican woven cocktail napkins?
    3) custom made hand-cut paper party banners?

    Many thanks!!!!


    Elizabeth Says:

    Wow! Gaby Thanks! I will contact these folks.

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