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    6 Responses to “Things to Do”

    Christopher Collins Says:

    There is a very good guitar trio which performs a combination fo traditional and popular Spanish (not hispanic) music ranging from buleiras to Gypsy Kings. La Fragua, Wednesday nights beginning at 21:00. Nominal cover charge. Well worth it.

    Fidel Says:

    I have never been in San Miguel de Allende. A friend is convincing me to go. Am I going to get bored? She promises that I am going to love it! Any comments?

    john Says:

    Is there golf in San Miguel? I read somewhere about a 9 hole course with an 18 hole course under development.

    Jeanne Green Says:

    At 76 I do not go about much but loved San Miquel when my son and his 4 children were there for several months. I hve a limited incokme and need to be close to the center of town as I no longer drive. Any suggestions?

    Katie Says:

    Hi All,
    Some friends and I are staying in San Miguel de Allende for two weeks towards the end of December. Given, we will be there for a good amount of time; are there fun overnight excursions/field trips to other towns/cities that we should know about? We’re into adventuring culturally, socially, any activities, we just want to know what our options are.


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