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    Villa Xichu
    Camino a Xichu 9, Barrio del Valle del Maiz
    Tel: 44 (415) 103-0225
    Email: info@villa-xichu.com
    Website: www.villa-xichu.com

    Luxuriate in the comfort and privacy of staying in your own personal villa, set in a gated two acre private park located above the town. Enjoy fantastic views and sunsets.
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    3 Responses to “Villas”

    john d. messer Says:

    I’m 60, alone, lost my wife to Diabetes.

    My income is about two thousand a month.

    I need to go and retire where I can live on this.

    Perhaps a studio. Away from turist attractions.

    Fluent in Sp[anish.

    Miguel Says:

    Hi, I want to check if you have rooms for September the 15, I want to stay 2 oe 3 nights, let me know if you do and your prices also, Thanks

    scott Says:

    Hi I am a Disabled vet and I make 1467.00 thru the VA. I am thinking of moving there I do not need a big house A room would be ok as long as it was nice. can I live comfortably there on 1467.00 any help with info would be appreciated

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